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Men Fashion Trends: Blazers

By Elma B.

Many of our male readers have pointed out that they would like to see more posts dedicated to males regarding fashion and lifestyle. Thus, this post is for Club Fashionista men (and any Club Fashionsita ladies looking for gift ideas for their special someone). 

Men Fashion Trends: a Well Fitted Blazer

What are some of the men's fashion trends this season? Better said, what is a piece that can boost any man's style? One obvious answer is a well fitted blazer. I emphasized well fitted because in order for any clothing piece to be trendy and fashionable, it has to be well fitted to your own figure. If it is not, take it to the nearest tailor! 

Think this may be too much trouble? Nonsense! A perfectly altered blazer is an article of clothing that you will be wearing all the time; hence, it is worth having the blazer altered to fit your measurements. Moreover, women prefer a well fitted blazer to an oversized one that looks sloppy and like you just time-traveled from the 1990s. 

What to Wear Beneath a Blazer? 

What you will wear beneath your well fitted blazer depends on the season. For the summer, a light cotton t-shirt (for a casual day) or a collared shirt (for the office) will suffice. For the winter, try wearing a sweater over the t-shirt, a collared shirt  or a vest (for the office or other non casual events). 

Photos of Trendy Blazers for Men:

Hence, to give you some ideas of well fitted blazers, take a look at the photos below. If you are completely new at following fashion trends, try buying only the basics: a black and a brown blazer, which should match any of your outfits. If you need more tips, please leave a comment below or email us at, and we respond quickly with style tips. 

Photo: Men Fashion Trends, Navy Blazer
Photo: Men Fashion Trends, Light Gray Blazer 
Photo: Men Fashion Trends, Tweed Gray Blazer
Photo: Men Fashion Trends, White Blazer by GQ
Photo: Men Fashion Trends, Gray Blazer

Photo: Men Fashion Trends, Various Tweed Materials 

Photo: Men Fashion Trends, Red Blazer 

Photo: Men Fashion Trends, Red Blazer

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